Friday, February 5, 2010

Tiny One

February 5th, two thousand and one
Our long dreams came true, with the birth of our son
A peaceful delievery and quite a big babe
You melted our hearts with the smiles you gave.
A small , perfect body... ten fingers... ten toes
Our family played dress up with all your new clothes
Alert and attentive, your blue eyes would stare
At all new surroundings full of people that cared.
Barney and Mozart and Bach and Elmo
Taught you the songs... now all of us know
The nightly tub is a highlight for you
Splashing and soaking us down to our shoes.
An ear ache, a runny nose... to the doctor we flew
We would not, we could not take any chances with you
You tripled your weight, nearly doubled your height
Watching you grow has been a glorious sight.
You played and you travel on quite a few trips
The first year alone... in car, plane and ships
You moved along happily to the beat of our drum
All along smiling a patient, sweet son.
Evenings with lullabies and you in our arms
We snuggle and pray to keep away harms
We'd kiss you and hug you and oft times weep
We'd count all our blessings as you drift off to sleep.
You smile at your Grandma's soft, loving voice
And cuddle on Grandpa's big shoulder by choice
You laugh with your cousins you 'oo' and you 'ah'
All the while watching we were praying to God.
"Please help us in raising this young, precious son
Help us teach him to walk, talk and run.
Give us the 'know how' and the instinctive touch
To comfort him, guide him and love him so much.
Let us always show kindness, compassion and love,
Teaching him about Jesus and heaven above
Help us create a safe haven for him
Knowing he is his father and mother's rare gem."
Febrary 5th, two thousand and two
We all celebrate your first birthday with you.
Balloons, hats and presents, a cake, oh what fun
Just remember you'll always be our "Tiny One".
Love, Mom